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  • vendredi 4 janvier 2013

    Aidan's Eyes

    Eyes of gold, brown and young,
    which sparkle with mischief
    Bold, spirited, have stung
    my icy soul in grief. 

    His eyes, strong dark castle
    built with stone, fiery will
    surrounded by thistle
    in my heart he lives still.

    Grey pearls in shining light,
    glisten beneath the Moon
    which lurks, and peaks at noon
    in skies of awe and fright. 

    At dusk they are green spheres,
    changing hues in the sun.
    Forests, color of dun,
    Shades reviving grim fears. 

    Clear Mirrors that reveal 
    Sweet poison, blameless guilt, 
    Swallowed me to the hilt
    in a pure lake of steel. 

    Deep abyss where I drown
    black omens, two bleak swirls,
    overwhelm my mind's twirls
    entrapped, they stream me down.

    Laid on a seaweed bed
    a thousand tears I shed
    to keep you by my side
    when returns the blue tide. 

    Enticing eyes, intense
    which stir my veiled desires and ply me with pretense,
    May you soon cease to tend
    staring sharp-eyed, or it will take me to a sad end.

    You shall disappear, spry love
    or I will peer from above
    after such eyes over my doom
    have gazed, so as to seal my tomb.

    A big thank-you to Emilynn and Brendan for their precious help.
    Un grand merci à Emilynn et Brendan pour leur aide précieuse. 

    Décembre 2012
    Marie Sullivan

    1 commentaire:

    1. Pretty excellent poem with wordsworthian accents. Good job, Marie. With my best regards. Maxime.